Paizo Rise of the Runelords

A Letter for Kaos

We Await You at the Rusty Dragon

Dear Kaos and Valeros,

Sandpoint streetsI hope this letter finds you well. We have missed your company on our adventures helping the good people of Sandpoint. Much has happened since we parted ways. The mayor of Sandpoint enlisted our help with the threat of goblins continually looming near the city. We met up with Thor, a rogue, who was quite helpful with his abilities to help our party defeat “Black Fang.” That dreadful dragon is terrorizing us no more! Lolindir collected a claw from “Black Fang” to present to the mayor and we were rewarded handsomely for ridding Sandpoint of this menace. However, they still seem to be afflicted with a rash of goblins.

NauliaWe spoke to a man, Cyrdak Drokas, at the “Rusty Dragon Inn” who told us a rather interesting story about how people are starting to believe an old legend about Mormurian, the Giant who marked people with a Sanhedrin brand, and Carzog, an ancient Runelords, who supposedly activated a Runewell. Using a Soul Lense, Carzog would extract the magical essences from people who showed greed in their heart. They can’t possibly still be roaming our lands, but there are three of thei followers who may. I tell you this so that you may be on watch for any clues on your travels back to us.

Nescar believes that Nualia is to blame. She burned her step-rather and his church many years ago and it just may be coincidental that our party just found, near the temple ruins on the night before the “Swallowtail Festival,” goblins who had in thei possession not only maps of the Sandpoint area, but also a Sanhedrin rune! Nualia burned a temple before; perhaps she was also upset about the new dedication of this temple to the goddess Desna. This surely points to one of the three followers! Maybe not Nualia for sure, but according to Cyrdak, Longiku and Gervis are equally vengeful and hateful. All we know for sure is that there is a flare up of ancient magic around Sandpoint and a shockwave of goblin attacks.

FoxglovebigLike I said before, we have been nicely rewarded from the good Mayor and the people of Sandpoint: Lolindir received a cloak of silence; Nescar – a Corellian medallion; and to myself, a masterwork bow was given. Surely you see we will be paid well for dealing with these goblin attacks and for solving the mystery of the opening of the rune wells, not that we adventure only for gold and riches… We await your return at the Inn. The cook here, Elbereth Glorfinel, happens to be a wizard of some skill. She helped us tremendously during the recent goblin infestation at the festival. However, she appears to be in the process of “entertaining” a certain noble named Alderney Foxglove who we saved during a recent encounter with a warm and several goblins. Perhaps he will have information that will help us proceed again within the next seven days.

News has reach us that you are visiting you mentor Madame Mvarshti. I will send this letter right away. Please meet with us at the Inn as soon as you can break free. If you know the whereabouts of Valeros, send him word to meet us as we’ll. I fear the recent goblin activity may have caught him unawares. Yet, we have heard no word of his demise, nor seen any signs. Maybe there is yet reason to hope…

Yours in adventure,




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